Train company improves service for lost items

West Midlands Railway lost property charges dropped.

Customers will no longer be charged for retrieving lost property from London Northwestern Railway and West Midlands Railway stations. From Monday, charges are no longer in place at the train operator’s stations – which will apply to both the return of personal belongings and cash.

The train operators have been reviewing the scheme they inherited when they began operating in December 2017.

David Whitley, head of customer experience strategy for London Northwestern Railway and West Midlands Railway, said: “We identified that there were significant improvements that could be made to the system in place for reuniting customers with their lost items. We want to make the process as easy as possible.

“Dropping the charges is just the first step. Many people may also be put off by needing to make numerous phone calls to track down their possessions – so we are now working on a website to make this process easier for both customers and staff.”

London Northwestern Railway and West Midlands Railway will be launching the website in the new year. The new website will enable items to be reported as lost, logged as found, identified and claimed securely and quickly.

The new lost property policies can now be viewed at and