Keep your Chinn up

Andy Munro adds to the growing controversy about Carl Chin”s dismissal from Radio WM.

I was shocked to hear about BBC Radio WM’s arrogant decision to drop Carl Chinn’s regular Sunday lunchtime show. I say ‘arrogant’ because it shows a total disregard by the intelligentsia of the BBC towards the citizens of Birmingham and in particular Carl’s many listeners.

His programme has also served as a great platform for the many people who work voluntarily to add to the richness of the city and support local charities. This is yet another blow to the genuine presence of our city in the media and represents more dumbing down and homogenising of what we have the opportunity to listen to and watch in local terms. I see that Carl’s replacement in the Sunday slot is (another) repeat of Network Gold. I fail to see how playing the top ten from fifty years ago can do anything to showcase the city and its people or dispel the growing belief that Radio WM is an out of touch station, nor that the BBC has given  up on our region.

Fair play, though, to the Press as well as the Mail for highlighting this media treachery although the City Council and Marketing Birmingham have adopted their usual stance of saying and doing nothing because (in civil service speak)  it’s not their place to interfere. Instead they’ll continue to wring their hands, making ‘unfair’ statements about Manchester and bemoaning the lot of Birmingham after the horse has bolted.

Incidentally, the claim from the BBC that Carl is too expensive at under £270 for complete production and delivery of his well-loved programme is laughable. It must cost that much to pluck Tom Jones’ eyebrows for The Voice.



One thought on “Keep your Chinn up

  1. Andy, the 12-2pm Sunday slot is to be filled by Ed Doolan (who thus loses an hour), while I think that Network Gold has had a Sunday repeat for a long time now. The ‘new’ programme is a two-hour slot for Pete Morgan, though I’ve no idea what he’s going to do with his new show. However, these are factual observations, and I agree fully with the overall tone of your article.

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