Stirchley: Hazelwell Lane In Memoriam

Celebrating the life of a once vibrant lane, soon to be lost due to development.
Saturday 3 March, 2012
Hazelwell Lane, Stirchley. B30 2PR

Hazelwell Lane poster

Hazelwell Lane

Since June Place Prospectors, a non-profit community interest company, has been working creatively with Stirchley residents, organisations and businesses in their Stirchley Prospects project, to stake claims, find hidden gems and create prospects for its future. The Stirchley Prospects project is interested in what is of value to people, what is unique about Stirchley and what will be beneficial in the long term for regeneration in the area that is badly needed.

Hazelwell Lane in Stirchley is soon to be lost due to imminent commercial development. The lane, full of such vibrant history has been boarded up and derelict for some time. It will become a car park entrance into a new development, a dead end that will no longer link Stirchley.

It is believed that the lane was originally a track across the fields from the brick works (currently where the allotments are sited). It was probably developed into a street between 1900 and 1940 due to growth of manufacturing based in the lane, including a manufacturing chemists, makers of car parts, tool makers and Eccles caravans, the first purpose built caravan factory in the world.

The Co-operative Grocery warehouse and the Co-operative Hall and Education Centre were based there from the late 1930s and it is still home to the lively Ten Acres and Stirchley Co-operative Society (TASCoS), Many local residents who worked in local industry also called Hazelwell Lane home.

Drop-in sessions on Thursday 9 February will focus on memories and the history of the lane. Place Prospectors would like people to contribute their photos, memories and stories to the event. Further workshops on Wednesdays 22 & 29 February will focus on creative activities to make tributes to Hazelwell Lane.

The project will culminate in a memorial walk and the laying of tributes (including a floral tribute spelling out Hazelwell Lane) to celebrate the lane’s life at 2pm on Saturday 3 March 2012.

Commemorating Hazelwell Lane
Thursday 9 February
12-4pm Stirchley Prospects 1427 Pershore Road, Stirchley, Birmingham, B30 2JL
7-9pm Stirchley United Working Mens Club, 2 Hazelwell Lane, Stirchley, Birmingham. B30 2PP

Drop-in. Bring photographs, stories or memories of Hazelwell Lane.

Making Tributes to Hazelwell Lane
Wednesday 22 February & Wednesday 29 February

7-9pm Stirchley Prospects, 1427 Pershore Road, Stirchley, Birmingham, B30 2JL

Creative sessions. Physical tributes will be made to celebrate Hazelwell Lane which will be laid at points along the Celebratory Walk on Saturday 3 March.

Celebratory Walk
Saturday 3 March
2pm  – Meet at Hazelwell Pub car park. Pineapple Road, Birmingham, B30 2RS. Ends at Stirchley United Working Mens Club

A memorial walk to commemorate and celebrate the life and history of Hazelwell Lane. Wreaths and tributes (including those made in workshops and a floral tribute spelling out Hazelwell Lane) will be laid. A ‘wake’ with refreshments will be held afterwards in Stirchley United Working Men’s Club.

Place Prospectors have organised a series of other events celebrating Stirchley and discussing its future:
The Making of Stirchley Park
Sunday 12 February
11am-1pm Stirchley Park (behind the Co-op) Meet at the Old Pavilion.

The final session  to discuss how the park can be made friendlier and more welcoming will see a Pooch Parade and the entrances to the park given the red carpet treatment!

Until April 2012
Located at International Supermarket, 1240 Pershore Road and Stirchley Prospects, 1427 Pershore Road.

Two of three planned temporary art works along the Pershore Road. The pieces feature imagery symbolising the area’s former industries and prosperity including the Co-operative, GKN, makers of nuts, bolts and screws and lamp manufacturers, Cox Wilcox. Place Prospectors wish to add something beautiful to the environment, an area that was once home to many successful manufacturing businesses and a prosperous High Street.

For more information on Place Prospectors and the Stirchley Prospects project visit: