Rail passengers urged to help improve travelling experience

Considerate Behaviour campaign launched on cross city line.

Passengers on Birmingham’s busiest commuter train line are being urged to work together to improve the travelling experience as part of a new campaign by West Midlands Railway.

The Considerate Behaviour campaign kicked off this week on the Cross City Line, which runs from Lichfield to Bromsgrove and Redditch, via Birmingham New Street.

The campaign is encouraging passengers to think about how their actions when using the train can impact on those around them, with a focus on behaviour both on board and on the platform.

Key areas of focus include:

Keeping doorways clear and allowing all passengers off the train before boarding
Turning down personal stereos and keeping noise to acceptable levels
Not using bikes, skateboards or roller skates on platforms for safety reasons
Keeping feet off the seats
Using the litter bins provided to keep trains free of rubbish

Steve Fisher, head of on-board experience for West Midlands Railway, said: “Millions of journeys are made using the Cross City Line every year and by just taking a second to think about others our customers can help improve everyone’s day.

“Considerate behaviour can even help keep the trains on time. By moving down inside the carriage or keeping the doors clear we can get passengers on and off more quickly and reduce the amount of time wasted at some of our busy stations.

“Ultimately we are asking passengers to help make journeys a little more enjoyable for each other, whether through turning down the music or keeping our carriages free of litter.”

West Midlands Railway staff will be handing out leaflets and speaking to passengers during the month-long initiative. A dedicated web page – has also been created.

Trains on the Cross City Line are currently undergoing a rolling refurbishment programme to improve the passenger experience. Reliability has also improved markedly since the introduction of the new timetable in December, with 28% more trains arriving on time across the West Midlands Railway network compared to the week before the timetable changed.