Review: Pride and Prejudice (Sort Of)

A cheeky take on Jane Austen’s classic comedy of manners tickles Richard Lutz’s ribs. 



Well, this is certainly an exuberant breath of fresh air. The Birmingham Rep gets its big stage filled with a karaoke-filled re-mix of Pride and Prejudice. Jane Austen’s novel is a matchmaking romantic comedy about the English middle classes. The six woman in the cast fill this re-boot with songs, swearing, sashaying, boozing and a good old fashioned swoon or two.

It’s hilarious. I mean, when you have the heroine Lizzie Bennett slumped on a couch with a fag in her mouth and a bottle of vodka in hand you know it’s a cheeky affair. 

The ladies take on all the roles from stouthearted Lizzie to brooding Darcy. And though writer/actor Isobel Macarthur has to be given the gold star for a witty script, it’d be unfair to pick out any of the sextet for their playful take on the story.

Director Paul Brotherston happily embroiders the cheery production with great golden oldies as each of the six players belt out tunes from The Shirelles, Frankie Valli, The Four Tops, Carly Simon (of course, You’re So Vain is snidely sung to hunk Darcy) and Chris de Burgh. 

Altogether it’s a five star winner from this Scottish group and a welcome addition to a polished autumnal start at The Rep which kicked off with Robert Lindsay’s bittersweet Hollywood bio-play Prism

Pride and Prejudice (Sort Of) runs until 2nd November. Tickets