On Now: A New Light on Black and White Birmingham


Neal Williams


What:   Photographs by Neal Martin Williams

Where: The Old Print Works, 506 Moseley Road, Balsall Heath

When: Until 2nd November

From our arts staff

It’s the last week to take a peek at Birmingham through the eye  of a  photographer who still uses black and white neg film to get the images he pursues.

With the continual  flood of digi-pix and mobile snaps, this craft is fast disappearing. It’s  too demanding, composed by skills not taught any more.  But to see the city allows you to view the urban area in shades of black and shades of white.

Neal Martin Williams’ exhibition, which has one more week  to run, includes fifty black and white images. And what makes them stand out is that many of the scenes are sometimes almost unrecognisable, almost dream-like as his monochrome eye finds angles and perspectives that allows you to look twice before identifying it.

For instance, do you recognise this monolithic structure?

His work includes images from the  countryside. Only black and white can paint a picture of trees such as this:


Other times, he tells stories: you know there’s a tale to be told somewhere about this hesitant dog and his master with the shiney shoes:

‘My photographs are not intended to be pretty pictures.’ he explains. ‘ They should have a depth, a quality… that draws you  back to look again’

The last week of the exhibition is fluid. The artist asks you phone him to ensure the gallery is open: His mobile is 07870 759 426