Tangerine Nightmare

Andy Munro on Blues unfortunate end to the season.

Undoubtedly we didn’t deserve it over the two legs and probably weren’t ready for the Premier League anyway, but nevthertheless it was heartbreaking to lose the tie particularly after such a rousing comeback.

The full house crowd were magnificent in their support and Blues, unusually, started off like a runaway train. However, they failed to make the necessary breakthrough and Blackpool gradually took control and went into a deserved, if slightly fortunate, lead when a lucky ricochet led to the ball being fired home at the near post when Doyle should have done better. Colin Doyle, by the way, was as nervous as a kitten throughout the game with the sort of shaky performance which will reignite the Doyle v Myhill ‘who should we keep’ debate.

Marlon King hit the bar to give us a brief glimmer but the Blackpool movement up front was giving us all sorts of problems although Curtis Davies was yet again magnificent. With Blues attacking the Tilton, we expected the usual rousing second period but that only transpired after Blackpool scored their second and took what seemed to be an unassailable lead. However Blues weren’t done as the introduction of Redmond, as usual, took Blues up a gear. Ziggy was played in to slot the ball neatly around the keeper and then a soaring header from Curtis Davies made it all to play for as Burke, apparently just off his sick bed, tore the Blackpool left wing apart. However, it wasn’t to be as the Seasiders held firm.

I wish them all the best against the Hammers. They play football the right way and have built an excellent side with just a modest outlay. Their manager wears his heart on his sleeve and, incidentally, was very complimentary about the Blues team, manager and fans when he didn’t have to be, although it is, I suppose, easier to be magnanimous in victory. In fact the only thing that I don’t like about Blackpool is the sycophantic media frenzy that they attract which never seems to happen to teams from the Midlands.

Perhaps the biggest consolation in defeat is that if the Hammers triumph at Wembley – and I hope they don’t – then we will be spared the gloating faces of Brady and Sullivan and the patronising words of the Gold Bros.