This week at the Robin

Old, new, borrowers and blues.



On Tuesday there’s the first appearance at the Robin of Norwegian band Gazpacho, a ‘classical post-alternative, ambient, nocturnal, atmospheric, neo-progressive, folk world, rock’ band according to one critic. They’ve also been compared to such diverse influences as Marillion, Radiohead and A-Ha, while making a number of concept and other eclectic albums including this month’s release March of the Ghosts.

Wednesday sees the venue playing host to legendary blues guitarist Bill ‘Watermelon Slim’ Homans. Vietnam veteran, MENSA member, peace campaigner and winner of too many music awards to list here,  Slim’s Okiesippi Blues album was released last year to the sort of acclaim due to a bona fide legend.

Tickets £12.50

Friday has the return of one of the most under-rated bands of the Two-Tone movement, in the shape of the Selector.  Others may have sold more records but this was a band whose songs were every bit as good, and they also had (and still have) Pauline Black fronting.

Tickets £15

On Saturday there’s a tribute to Bon Jovi, Bon Giovi.

Tickets £10

The Black Country Metalfest takes place on Sunday. Featuring local bands Obzidian, Collision Process, New Dawn, Malacite, Viable, Steel Trooper, She Screams Murder, Cryptic and Kuru the show starts at 3 and goes on until 11.

Tickets £6

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