Rehabilitation work recognised in Wolverhampton

Local agencies praise the efforts of ex-offenders in the city.

Wolverhampton police and partners are celebrating their successes in helping turn criminals’ lives around at a showcase event at the Molineux Stadium on Thursday.

Representatives from the police, along with the probation service, local councillors, other partners and voluntary agencies will be leading the event in Waterloo Road, Wolverhampton between 9am and 1pm. Fifteen ex-offenders who have used the partnership service to turn their lives around will be presented with an award and speak about their experiences.

Gavin Cotterill from Bilston began offending at the age of 17, stealing from cars and shops and regularly burgled houses to feed his drug addiction. After almost a decade of offending he was referred to the police and partnership scheme which works together to divert and support offenders.

Gavin received rehabilitation for his addiction and is now clean from drugs. He has finally begun to piece his life back together and has stopped offending. His is one of the stories that  will be heard at the event tomorrow.

Sergeant Andy McHugh, from the offender management unit at Wolverhampton police station, said: “The event is being held to demonstrate the strong partnership working we have in Wolverhampton. When Gavin came to us just under a year ago he was very suspicious of the service and didn’t believe we were there to help him get his life back on track. After working closely with Gavin we began to earn his trust and over a period of time he managed to become drug and crime-free.

“We are able to tap into a myriad of resources to support people who have offended and want to change. We can help and give them advice on how to get a job, debt management and can put them in touch with youth engagement services, job agencies and support schemes.”