Berlusconi ‘Sold to Greece’ as Transfer Market Closes

Our diplomatic editor Sir Howard Elston has just been allowed out of jail and sends this report from Brussels

Greece took swift action last night and swooped to buy Italy’s embattled son Silvio Berlusconi.

Athens bosses said they were ‘ecstatic’ over the purchase, reportedly costing billions of Euros and two Greek politicians to be named later.

The Berlusconi camp, scarred from their capo’s decision to step down, said a full statement would be made tomorrow. But an Italian insider told me: ‘Berlusconi is dead in the water here in Rome. And Greece needs someone forward. So it’s a god send to both teams.

Greek diplomats were more emphatic. One said : ‘We stolen the boy from right under Rome’s nose. He’ll add punch up front and I understand he’s bring all his girlfriends and his hair stylist with him…and Tony Blair during the school hols.’

The deal must be given the OK by the EU and the finance world. Under Euro-rules, banks are allowed to do whatever they want while unelected senior Euro-experts have the right to crawl out from under the rug to make decisions and cut off the fiscal tap.

Politicians, on alternate days, are given the right to squawk and bleat and blame everyone else.

But when Silvio puts on a Greek jersey all will change.

It is suggested he will hire Syria hardman Bashar Al Assad as Greek Internal Affairs  Minister,


Damascus boss for Greece cabinet job?

Ghengis Khan in the Foreign office and Little Jimmy Murdoch for the secret service

Murdoch for Secret Service post?

Top international analyst, Phil from Leeds, who runs a top- dollar second hand car dealership just off the M1, told this website: ‘Berlusconi is the man. He’ll bring back the drachma, the trireme, the Olympic gods and the zither.’

‘It’ll be hot pepper pizza with all the trimmings and Cosi Nostra beer all around tonight in Athens, let me tell you.