CFR Update

A Community First Responder from Central Rescue UK has been given a defibrillator by the local community he serves in recognition of his live saving volunteering.

Tony Battle, a recently qualified CFR from Central Rescue UK, wrote to the Coleshill & District Ladies Circle and the Coleshill & District Round Table to ask if they would consider funding the equipment he needed to help save lives.

Central Rescue UK CFRs are members of the public trained by West Midlands Ambulance Service in basic life-saving techniques including the use of an automated external defibrillator (a device used to restart the heart of someone who has suffered a cardiac arrest). CFRs, like Tony, are tasked by the ambulance service’s control room, to respond to medical emergencies on a voluntary basis in their local community while an ambulance resource is en-route.

Tony was recently invited to Coleshill Town Hall where he was presented with a defibrillator by Coleshill Deputy Mayor, Counsellor Dave Simkin. Tony said: “I’m really delighted and thankful to the two local groups. Both groups donated £490 to purchase the defibrillator and their generosity has meant that I’m now up and running and ready to save lives in and around Coleshill!”

Meanwhile, the Henley in Arden First Responder Group is appealing for volunteers. The group is looking for volunteers to be trained as CFRs and committee members to help support the scheme. If you would like to help or for more information, please contact:

John Pudney 01564 797947 or Ray Holding 01564 792512

More information on the work of Community First Responders can be found on West Midlands Ambulance Service’s website: here