Spreading the Word

By Dave Woodhall.

ComputersThe importance of good customer service can’t be stressed too much. It’s a two-way thing, though, especially in times when companies are chasing every penny and it’s harder for independent concerns to make headway against the ever-avaricious chains with their massive advertising budgets and rock bottom prices.

It’s reckoned that the average consumer tells nine times more people about a bad experience than a good one, and it’s time we all started doing something about that. If you get good service from a company you should tell the world about it, otherwise when you need them again they might not be there.

With that in mind I’m spreading the word to anyone who’ll listen about Kimbley Computer Services a computer repair and I.T. support company, whose expertise I’ve once more had to call upon this week.

Based in Moseley, they’ve helped us out on more than one occasion; they’ve got here quickly, done the job and left us with a ridiculously cheap bill. More than that, you get the impression that they enjoy their work, see problems as challenges and if they haven’t fixed it they’ll be back time and again until they get it right.

Kimbley are on kimbley.com or 0845 643 074. I hope you never need them, but if you do I equally highly recommend them.

And if you know of any more independent businesses that could do with a bit of good publicity, let us know.