Man killed in Midland storms

One man was killed and residents of a local estate evacuated as gale-force winds buffeted the area over recent days.

51 year old father of two Steve Cutler was killed in Stourbridge after winds uprooted a tree which smashed into the car he was driving. Paramedics battled to save Mr Cutler but he was declared dead at the scene.

The following evening saw the roof of Dickens Heath library in Solihull damaged, leading to disruption for local people. Stunned residents woken by emergency services attending the scene were moved to the nearby Morton’s bar for safety reasons.

Witnesses described how large sections of masonry were blown into the street as the library, built in 2005, was buffeted by 50mph winds.

West Midlands Police said roads around the library building were closed for a time and residents had been allowed to move back home Saturday morning, although several residents from flats in the library building have been temporarily re-housed