Bike bytes bring bonus boost

clarks cycles websiteCycle parts company, Clarks Cycle Systems Ltd, has made the next move in its global expansion with a new website created by web design agency Tomorrow People.

Staffordshire-based Clarks Cycle Systems has a 60-year history of distributing cycle parts and manufacturing braking assemblies. As a keen innovator, the company wanted to build on its online profile and accelerate its sales.

Clarks commissioned Tomorrow People to design and build a website to be used as a global online resource for consumers, distributors, dealers and Original Equipment Manufacturers. The new website showcases Clarks’ entire range of OEM and Aftermarket products, while a bespoke content management system allows the company to add, edit and delete products and product categories with a new products page that automatically displays latest additions to the range. The content management system also makes downloadable documents and images available to site visitors, a particularly valuable feature for global distributors and OEM customers needing access to technical and approval documents.

Consumers and dealer services are now able to download iPod- and iPhone-compatible ‘How to’ videos and fitting guides direct from the website’s service section. Clarks can continually update this facility through the site’s bespoke content management system.

The company is building on its relationship with customers across the globe with a blog and news feature and an email newsletter subscription and distribution database handled automatically by Tomorrow People’s email distribution tool, Mail Send.

Tony Wright, Managing Director of Clarks, commented:

“We wanted to build on our established history with a strong, customer-focused online presence. Tomorrow People created a website which fully meets our commercial goals and provided us with exceptional development strategies and design concepts throughout the process.”