The crying game

Ros Dodd has a request…… Can I, first of all, beg you to set aside judgement over my choice of television viewing: I know it’s pretty low-grade, but it gives me pleasure.

It also gives me a lump in my throat and, at times, eyes that are far from dry. I’m talking about X Factor, that cornucopia of talent, tantrums and tears. Little of the first, you might argue, but certainly bucketfuls of the last.

Solving the green tomato problem

Failed grower Ros Dodd discovers there’s more to unripe fruit than just chutney…there’s cake:

I gave up growing tomatoes a few years ago after a particularly disastrous summer when I spent weeks watering and nurturing my plants, only to see half of them succumb to blight and the rest stay resolutely green.

When Scrabble and scribble doesn’t work

Ros Dodd’s column…. On Monday morning, I read a typically clever and very funny piece by Guardian columnist Charlie Brooker about how the arrival of Google Instant, a search “enhancement” that shows results even before you’ve finished typing, had proved “the final” straw….