Black Artists exhibition to display at city gallery

Black Artists for Black History Exhibition aims to give support to BAME talent.

This October sees the groundbreaking Birmingham Contemporary Art Gallery presenting an important exhibition called Black Artists for Black History Exhibition 2020, which will run throughout the month with the opening event being held on October 2nd. As part of the exhibition, they will be holding a performance art installation entitled The Slave Ship: The Journey of the Black Experience.

The arts is one of many institutions where Black, Asian and ethnic minority artists are woefully under-represented in the UK and as one of the only black owned art galleries in the Midlands, and one of only a few in the whole of the UK, throughout the month of October the gallery, based in Arena Birmingham, will be using this platform to highlight black talents, black voices, black art and black history.

The exhibition will be the start of an ongoing programme to give support and visibility to black, Asian and ethnic minority artists, where previously, barriers of inequality and discrimination have prevented them from accessing opportunities that are available to other groups.

Over 100 pieces of art by black, Asian and ethnic minority artists from across the country and other parts of the old empire, will also be exhibited from the 1st October to the 31st October alongside the installation in the gallery. Artists from Nigeria, Haiti, Ghana, UK, USA and the Caribbean will be on display.

Further information about the exhibition and the gallery in general can be found at