Camera works

Reviewing the Kodak Pixpro FZ43.

There are times when bells, whistles and the latest gadgetry aren’t really necessary. Sometimes all you want are the basics, done reliably.

And whether you just want a no-frills camera to take the occasional photo, you think you might be interested in photography and want to test the waters with something relatively inexpensive, or maybe you’re looking at a Christmas present for a budding young snapper, the Kodak Pixpro FZ43 does the job it’s intended for.

Whatever the reason, anyone buying this camera probably won’t want to spend hours setting up, installing and getting to know how to use it to its maximum. That’s all perfectly fine, because the FZ43 doesn’t look intimidating and those first impressions are accurate – it’s easy enough to get started. Find this in your stocking on Christmas morning and you’ll be snapping away well before the turkey’s cooked.

16 megapixels, 23 scene modes and a 4x optical zoom provide as much scope as any user will probably need, the control buttons are well laid out and easy to use while there’s a handy slide show playback function.

I would guess that just as important for its intended market is the lightness, compact size and sleek finish of the design. This is a camera to be stuck in a pocket and taken out when something catches the eye, not slung round your neck waiting for a Lonely Planet cover shot to come along.

One minor flaw was that getting the SD card in felt a bit fiddly, but that apart, this is a decent budget/starter camera. It’s easy to operate, picture quality is all you’d expect and it doesn’t feel either cheap or flimsy. Whether you’re buying for yourself or it arrives down the chimney, as a decent starter camera you can’t go far wrong with this one.