Same old same old

Andy Munro watches Blues’ defeat at home to Norwich City. He’s seen it all before.

They say it always gets worse before it gets better and it’s always darkest before the dawn and, if that’s pro rata then it’s eventually going to be absolutely brilliant with eternal sunshine.

In his post match analysis Steve Cotterill seemed to think that we were good during the first thirty minutes. In truth, we did reach the magnificent heights of slightly below average before we succumbed to a Norwich training ground move. If I had a pound for every square or backward pass the Blues made then I would be a multi-millionaire.

The reason Cotterill has to go is that the team played with no energy, urgency or enthusiasm. In fact, they looked like they didn’t want to be there, and at least they now know how everybody in the crowd feels, match after match. Only an inspirational manager can change this mindset and that man isn’t the mumbling, bumbling Cotterill who just looks out of his depth.

Cotterill also bemoaned the torrid injury list, with which we could sympathise if he didn’t still continue to field a completely unbalanced team. Without sounding like a broken record (rather than the broken fan that I am), why didn’t he play a winger in front of Colin rather than Jota, who is one[paced and one-footed down the flank and meat and drink to the opposition defenders? If he’s to play it has to be in the centre of midfield in the place of the French ‘honey monster’. On the other flank, Bramall could have given us a vital injection of pace to add to Boga, who was the only Blues player that came out of this game with any credit.

Distribution was worse than shocking throughout the team with the midfield trio of Kieftenbeld, Gardner and Ndoye particularly culpable. In fairness to the labouring Jutkiewicz nobody was able to put across a decent centre and of course the player in the squad consistently capable of doing so was jettisoned last week. The back two ‘captains’ of Dean and Morrison need to be grabbed by their proverbial lapels and be told to man up and take some real responsibility, particularly as we are conceding such soft goals with many coming through the middle.

So get rid of Cotterill before any more money is wasted and at the same time jettison both Veteri and Dein, who are merely leeches and should be instantly sacked for their appalling ‘guidance’ to the owners. Then bring on Gary Monk or Carvalhal…