Is it ‘arrys game?

Andy Munro wonders what’s ‘appening at St Andrews.

Now that the fuss has died down from our footballing near death experience, maybe it’s time to take stock. For sure, there’s excitement in the air down at St Andrews and season tickets are selling (comparatively) like the proverbial hot cakes.

Obviously there are questions to be answered such as whether Harry will sign anybody under the age of 35? or whether he will pluck one of his footballing nuggets from darkest Africa? Or more pertinently, whether Blues’ latest manager will only sign loan players for a short term hit?

However, perhaps now isn’t the time to be too concerned but the comparatively early release of David Cotterill (who is bound to return to haunt us) and the release of the talented if wayward figure of Reece Brown have come as a surprise when presumably Harry hasn’t even seen them play. Add to this the continued employment of an erratic Adam Legzdins when we have two very talented up and coming young keepers and one wonders who it is making the decisions and pulling the strings.

Meanwhile, TTA are remaining as quiet as the proverbial church mice. Is this state of affairs slightly worrying, or am I just suffering from the usual Bluenose paranoia where Chinese owners are concerned?