Gone for a Burton

Andy Munro on Blues’ visit to the brewing capital of Britain.

Never has such a saying been truer as Blues promotion prospects were well and truly outed….outmuscled, outfought and outrun. The Championship is an unforgiving league and Blues should have been aware that the Brewers were in the Draymen category in their physique and approach. Yet there seemed hardly a whimper or shot on target to give any hope of a result.

Perhaps if there was one man to feel sorry for it was Jutkiewicz who was too often left to plough a lone furrow up front. To be frank, if it had been a boxing match, it would have been stopped at half-time and trust the Blues to spoil what should have been a perfect derby day out for Bluenoses – let`s hope that this isn’t repeated at the next derby!

Surely with a target man that wins 90% of balls in the air, the manager should be insisting, not just asking, for at least one player to get ├Čn and around, for knock ons. Whether players are too petrified to do a Caddis and bomb forward is open to debate. Mind you, in fairness to Gary Rowett, doing a Barry Fry and bringing on four or five forwards doesn`t seem to work either so it`s all a question of balance and attitude. Of course, if there`s one thing almost any formation won`t do is to paper over the cracks of a mediocre defence (Morrison aside).

So playing the age old game of picking your best side, bearing in mind the need to protect Blues obvious defensive frailties…. Kuscak; Spector, Morrison, Shotton, Wiggins; Kleftenbeld, Fabrini, Tesche, Cotterill; Reece-Brown; Jutkiewicz.