Crack of dawn for wildlife group

Spring’s calling early birds to celebrate with a new beer.

The Wildlife Trust for Birmingham and the Black Country and local brewery Sacre Brew are giving nature lovers another way to celebrate International Dawn Chorus Day this year. As well as rising at dawn to experience the delights of nature’s choir at one of the guided walks, there is now a Belgian-style ale brewed with chrysanthemum flowers to drink and support The Trust’s work.

Spring Calling has the cloudy softness of a witbier but the strength and beguile of a blonde ale. It has been hand crafted in Wolverhampton using only natural ingredients and is the perfect beer to celebrate nature in the spring.

Gwen Sanchirico of Sacre Brew explains: “I wanted to brew a golden, sunny, and bodacious beer to highlight the work The Trust does and celebrate Dawn Chorus Day. I don’t know anyone who doesn’t get Spring Fever this time of year and what better time to stop and use all your senses to appreciate the natural world around you?”

Georgia Stokes, Chief Executive of The Wildlife Trust for Birmingham and the Black Country, says: “IDCD originated in Birmingham and it’s something we’re really proud to have given to the world. We hope that more people than ever will take part this year in whatever ways they can and we’re delighted that enjoying a locally-produced beer can now be part of that.

“We live in a globalised world and migration is a big part of the life of many of the birds that visit our gardens and other local green spaces. We have a huge part to play locally by ensuring that they have a good environment to breed here in the spring. Our work at the Trust is all about improving the local environment for people and wildlife.”

The Wildlife Trust are organising two walks for International Dawn Chorus Day; one at Hill Hook in Sutton Coldfield and one at Moseley Bog & Joy’s Wood. You can go to to find other events happening near you, or get advice on how to organise your own event.