Howard’s big bumptious bumper quiz

elston2-logo35Howard Elston (DOA) leaves his ankle tag on the shower room floor to send us his annual festive funfilled brain teaser. Get ’em all corectamindo and win a date with Miss Wolverhampton to the Nando’s of your choice (lunchtime Tuesday special 241 deal only)

Q: Why did the fat guy from North Korea try to stop that second rate film from Sony?

1. He hates Seth Rogan

2. He has an unrequited teen crush on dreamy James Franco

3. He got a raw deal on his Playstation

4. He looks like a fascist Mr Blobby

Q: The secret that UKIP boss Nigel Farage carries in his heart is:

1. He has a Nelson Mandela tattoo imprinted in a nether region

5. He has a thing about Home Secretary Theresa May and her shoes

4. His wife is a voting member in the EU cabal (ie, she’s from Germany)

3. He doesn’t have a heart

Q: That historic Northern Ireland deal is:

1. Inscrutable

2. Running to 1,692 pages

3. Dead in six weeks

4. Written in North Korean

Q: Is it true that Ridley Scott’s middle name is Diddley?

1. Yes

2. No

3. Warning: This fun question has been excised because it was been lifted from a famous newspaper’s quiz

4. If the above fun question is in anyway reproduced, you  will face legal proceedings for plagarism


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