Hair’s to Barnt Green

This coming Mid-Summers weekend, Barnt Green will play host to the most stylish and opulent event the hair industry has seen all year.

Yen hairOn Saturday the 22nd of June 2013, Yen Luxury Hair will be hosting their Mid-Summers party at the Barnt Green Inn.

Those familiar with the Barnt Green Inn will recognise the fluid blend of rustic aesthetics, with elements of grand eloquence.

Championed by its expansive fan base, the Barnt Green Inn is a great place for the Yen Luxury Hair’s Mid-Summers party.

Yen Luxury Hair Salon is renowned in

Barnt Green and throughout the Midlands for their originality  in the hair industry; from the baroque to the burlesque to the avant garde.

The Mid-Summers party will showcase all of these elements to create a memorable celebration of the long summer days.

There’ll be wine tasting, canapés and food matching master-classes accompanied by the dazzling sound of jazz and string quartets in the afternoon and a surprise band in the evening.

There will also be children’s entertainment running through the day, so there’s no excuse not to be there to get summer into full swing in style at the most unmissable event happening in Barnt Green this summer.

For more details on the Yen Luxury Hair’s Mid-Summers Party, see the event’s web page here.