Blues mown down by tractor boys

Andy Munro isn’t happy with Blues‘ performance on Saturday.

tractorJust when Bluenoses were starting to mention Lee Clark in the same breath as Sir Alex and talking about the new Blue Soap Powder washing away the early season doldrums, our progress to football redemption was blocked by a large tractor driven by Mad Farmer Mick.

According to Clark, most of the Blues team were sunning themselves on the beach in a proverbial sense and he said he was “really angry.” Probably not half as angry as the army of Blues fans who made the not unsubstantial journey across country, this time more in anticipation than hope. They should have known better.

Right from the first whistle, Ipswich seemed far hungrier and if Blues set out any sort of stall, it was the sort that would have even disgraced a car boot sale. Quite frankly, we were dismal although one of the few who could be justifiably be excluded from that criticism was Nathan Redmond. Let’s hope that he was thinking about next season down at St Andrews rather than seeing the game as a showpiece for his undoubted talents. Ravel Morrison who is equally (if not more) talented also impressed, albeit in flickering spells, but as for most of the rest….. Even the committed Robbo looked off the pace and without a sterling performance put in by Curtis Davies this could have been another Barnsley debacle.

One has to give credit to Mick who undoubtedly had a raw deal at Wolverhampton and nobody would blame him for a wry smile as the Wolves appear to be in freefall. Mick calls a spade a spade, which must come in useful down in Tractor Boy country and he’s certainly been impressive in pulling Ipswich around with his no nonsense approach. Let’s hope that Lee and his henchmen get the boys fired up for the visit of Dann, Dunne and DeRest. Our hardcore loyal home fans deserve a performance that will bring hope to pervade the close season.

Food for thought

  • Would you revert to 4-4-2 against Blackburn?
  • If some club is willing to take Ziggy off our hands on condition that we pay half his wages, would you off load him?
  • Would you give Lee Cark more than 5 out of 10 for the season overall?