Wolves Tamed

Andy Munro on Blues’ midweek FA Cup win at Molineux.

In truth, I wasn’t brimming over with confidence when I saw the team Blues had selected because the inclusion of both Davies and Caldwell (good) was balanced by one up front (Rooney) supported by a decent payer (Elliot) who nevertheless hasn’t really the pace to get up and support (bad)…. or so I thought!

Blues were well backed by a noisy contingent of fans and although the crowd was generally sparse, Wolves still had their share of vociferous fans. Fans who went through the full Wolves v Blues ‘songbook’ with that one song sheet tellingly and pleasingly ripped out,”Yow’ve never one **** all!” The game was also amazingly live on TV. I say ‘amazingly’ because after the first, no score bore draw what advertiser would want the halftime slot, unless it was a new cure for insomnia or Beds Direct?

Mind you, as often happens, the game started off at a far brisker pace, with both sides looking dangerous. A couple of times the Wolves broke down the right and should have secured better results from their crosses. Blues were slightly more patient in their approach but still worked a couple of excellent opportunities even if, at times, Rooney cut a lonely figure. Blues back line, including an excellent Colin Doyle, defended tightly whilst Gomes and Mutch generally kept a good level of control and possession in the middle. Mutch(still only twenty) has been the subject of a good deal of hype and I’ve never been convinced but, in fairness, he had an excellent game showing both great touches and also surging forward when the chance presented itself.

On the wings, Nathan Redmond was again a bit fitful with his final ball but his compatriot on the other wing, Beausejour, was a continual source of trouble to the Wolves defence.

Neither side changed things around at halftime and the play continued to ebb and flow prompting Mick M to bring on his trumpcard, Stephen Fletcher. Yet it was Blues who struck the eventual winner from a well-earned corner. After a frantic goalmouth scramble, Wade Elliot poked the ball home and bar the usual customary brilliant double save from Colin Doyle, we never looked in danger of relinquishing our lead.

It’s more games but nothing breeds more confidence than winning. I wonder if they do season tickets for Wembley