Killer Drone Flypast for Royal Wedding

by our Royal Reporter Sir Howard Elston (OBE)

Prince William and Mrs Prince William will enjoy a special air display when they leave Westminster Abbey on Friday after their Right Royal Wedding, I can reveal.

For the newlyweds will be met by a Predator Drone flypast as they greet the multitudes as Mr and Mrs.

The pilotless plane will leave from a Norfolk RAF airbase on its way to bomb the hell out of those pesky Libyans (the baddies, not the goodies, according to defence experts) and it will dip its wings in honour of the heir apparent and his commoner millionaire’s daughter.

‘As Prince William is an arts graduate and also in the RAF, we thought it relevant that a drone killer weaponry system is used on this fantastic day to celebrate the royals links with our outdated armed forces.’ said a courtier.

The Americans, who own the Predator drone, are hiring out their plane- and its bombs- for under £100,000 per hour, he added. The Pentagon has also given a cup and saucer set from the John Lewis wedding list as a present to the lovebirds.

After the Westminster flypast, the drone will then carry out a once in a lifetime air diplay by eradicating Sheffield. The bombing will be shown on giant screens in Leicester Square in London and at  the Custard Factory in Birmingham which is in the Midlands near Henley in Arden.

Then, it flies off on a  secret mission where  it’ll drop its payload  in Tripoli at  number 32 Gaddaffi Boulevard where the evil dictator has an underground home cinema complex with those really great leather seats with  holes in the armrests to keep your drinks in.

Kate Middleton, the commoner millionaire’s daughter, and William are the People’s Pair and everyone officially loves them, I can confirm.

The Drone event can be seen live on Sky1 Sports and ITV4 in HD.