Charity offers essential help for refugees

Who is Hussain working with Migrant Help UK.

Who is Hussain is a grassroots social justice movement, with teams operating in over sixty locations around the globe, inspired by the timeless legacy of Hussain ibn Ali, a seventh century leader and revolutionary.

The Who is Hussain Birmingham team has been operating since 2013 by a group of volunteers, promoting the values of a man whose message to humanity was that every human being should be treated with dignity regardless of their cast, creed, race, or ethnicity.

To keep Hussain’s message alive, Who is Hussain Birmingham is putting together welcome packs for Migrant Help UK to distribute to refugees coming into the UK.

Packs will include: T-shirts, joggers, socks, hat, gloves, playing cards, underwear, hand sanitiser, face mask, sweets/crisps/biscuits, deodorants and note pad/pen.

If you are interested in finding out or to know how to donate more email