Three Technology Ideas To Make Life A Little Easier For An Elderly Relative

New ideas for older people.

Over the course of the last year, it’s been incredibly hard for any of us to feel like we are doing enough to take care of our elderly relatives and loved ones. As we’ve sat through lockdowns and quarantines, we have never felt further away, and a lot of the little things that we would normally do to make life a bit easier for them simply haven’t been possible.

However, there are always nifty workarounds out there and the latest technology has meant that, even if we’re staying in touch over a video screen, we can still show them that we’re there for them.

If you’re looking for some new equipment to boost their mood and help them through until you can be in their living room fixing their TV again, here are a few ideas.

Help Them Keep In Touch With A Senior Telephone
We all joke about how our elderly relatives simply to refuse to embrace video calls or instant messaging, but it’s also true that there is nothing quite like a phone call with a parent or grandparent. When your elderly relative starts to suffer from hearing impairment, the daily or weekly catch-up can become difficult.

Rather than trying to struggle through a conversation, simply invest in a senior telephone. These devices come in many shapes and sizes, with amplified volume and an easy to use handset. You can browse a range of senior telephone options provided by Audilo, which also offers hearing aids and other support technology for the hearing impaired.

Help Them Keep To A Routine With Memory Aids
As we get older, it can become harder to keep track of the tasks that most of us do without thinking twice about. Simple things like remembering to turn the heating on and off, getting the dinner out of the fridge, and paying those monthly bills can start to slip. When they do, the results can start to build up and become harder to handle.

If your elderly relative suffers from an illness like Alzheimer’s or dementia which affects the memory, there are many memory aid devices that can help them to stay on track. From alarms and pill dispensers to locator systems and reminder phone calls, you can find the tech to help your loved one stay on top of things.

Help Them Stay Healthy With Telehealth
Just because we have all been told to try to avoid going to the doctor’s as much as possible during the pandemic, it doesn’t mean that we should stop keeping an eye on our medical conditions. You may have already talked to your doctor about using a telehealth set-up to monitor your elderly relative’s wellbeing during this time when the regular trips to the GP should be limited.

It’s a term used to describe a system by which a person can look after themselves and update their doctor on how they’re doing by entering a variety of readings, or by having them collected by specific devices, which is uploaded to a hub. This data is sent to their doctor or clinician, and you can rest a little easier knowing that they’re not sitting at home just telling you that they’re fine when they’re not. We should note that it is still very important to go to your GP if you need to very important to go to your GP if you need to. No health issue should be ignored.