Rowing on

Ben Gilchrist, of Birmingham band Boat to Row, with a happy ending.

Back in July we wrote about how the collapse of Pledge Music had affected the proposed release of our album, Rivers That Flow in Cirles, taking our fans money with it. We were at a loss as to how we should proceed until the great people at Static Caravan Recordings stepped in to save the day.

the album will finally see the light of day on 20th September 2019, released digitally, on CD and LP.

Thanks to the generosity of the label we’ve been able to fulfil our pledges, despite never receiving the money for them and taking a financial hit to do so. We felt it was very important to deliver for our fans after their amazing support during this horrible time. We will be heading on tour to play some shows in October, and dates as they’re announced will be listed here.

In the meantime, here’s our latest single Moth to the Light.