Womens five a side league to start in Birmingham

Teams and individuals invited to join.

Female Football Fives are bringing its unique women’s five a side league to Birmingham in September, with the intention of increasing women’s football in the city and building on the massive interest generated by the World Cup.

FFF run women-only leagues designed for players of all abilities. There are currently few women-only leagues in the UK. The first was launched in Nottingham three years ago and has proved highly popular, with over 100 women playing each week, and Birmingham has been identified as the next city to roll out FF.

Female Football Fives Tournament 2016

By partnering with Powerleague, FFF ensure excellent pitches and facilities and a safe, fun environment. The venue for the Birmingham Female Football Five a Side League is the Salford Stadium in Aston.

Kick-off will be on Monday 16th September with a taster tournament for teams and individuals to come nd scout out the league and to check that that it lives up to its billing.

FFF founder Katie Gibson said, “I am delighted and excited that we can bring Female Football Fives to Birmingham. Its football heritage and size makes it an obvious choice and I hope as many women enjoy the great experience our league provides as they have elsewhere.

Powerleague’s Jamie Watkinson added, “We are committed to increasing participation in women’s football and enabling our superb facilities to be enjoyed by as many people in Birmingham as possible. Female Football Fives have a great model and really do offer something a unique and inclusive for women wanting to play and enjoy the social angle of football.”

Katie continued, “FFF believe that there are lots of women who will enjoy the social aspect of playing, the physical activity and the football itself. Our experience suggests there is an untapped population of women who don’t have the time or appetite for eleven a side, but who welcome the relative informality of five a side and would much rather play in their own league than with men.”

Anyone interested in playing whether as an individual or a team should contact FFF by emailing femalefootballfivesbirmingham@hotmail.com