Portugese pick and mix

Andy Munro on Blues’ game against Portugese side Vitoria.

It was a good result to draw against a Portuguese top flight team on their home(ish) turf, albeit after a shaky opening fifteen minutes. In fact with a bit of luck, it could have been a convincing win if we’d taken a more than decent chance to make it 3-1 .

However, despite the usual plethora of changes during the game, things appear to be taking some shape and I’m now starting to engage in that perennial pastime of fans in selecting my preferred XI, any new players excepted of course…

In goal, I would install Stockdale on the basis of his superior distribution. At the back, given the latest manager’s penchant for three, I would put Pedersen (who tends to play narrow anyway), Deane and Roberts.

Wingbacks would have to be the impressive youngster Seddon and the excellent Colin. In the middle would be Gary Gardner and David Davies, the latter only due to Kleftenbeld’s injury and the lack of options.

Up top would be Jutkiewicz, who is an awkward customer for opposition defences with Mrabti or Lakin and Vassell as the deeper strikers. The ability of Vassell to make runs in behind the Juke would be a real bonus, even though it makes the line=up look like that formation that dare not speak its name!

Not a bad side and, of course, hope springs eternal.