They don’t know what they’re doing

In the aftermath of Garry Monk’s sacking, Blues fan Andy Munro issues a rallying cry.

I’m not sure what the Chinese word for ‘bonkers’ might be, but Ren and his merry band of directors have just gone too far this time.

It could be called naive but I prefer adjectives like ‘crass’ and ‘disgusting’. Previous attempts to play ‘attractive’ football have met with the walking disasters that were Gianfranco Zola and Harry Redknapp. Of course, if the current board had bothered to ask the fans, they would know there was a world of difference between Gary Rowett’s ‘like watching paint dry’ football and the rousing stuff that Garry Monk delivered.

A manager doesn’t achieve the cult status that Monk has attained at St Andrews by boring fans silly and I hardly think playing two wingers and two forwards up front can be seen as either negative or regressive.

There is a stereotype that suggests Chinese owners know either very little or absolutely nothing or about football. We’ve seen plenty of evidence of that in this city and it has to be said that the current outfit in charge (and I use those two words loosely) are doing little to provide any evidence for the defence.

Unfortunately, I had already renewed my season ticket but for the first time in over fifty years of supporting the Blues, I bitterly regret doing so. It would come as no surprise to me that sales now plummet and if I hadn’t renewed there’s a certain side in sky blue that might provide an option for many of the seething fans.

Only at the Blues…..!