Birmingham company ties up with green energy giants

Tonik is the first UK energy supplier to offer and install Tesla Powerwall home battery.

Birmingham-based company Tonik Energy have announced that they are the first UK energy supplier to offer the state-of-the-art Tesla Powerwall. Following a successful pilot programme, Tonik has commenced rolling out 250 Powerwalls to homes across the UK, with installations performed by their in-house team The Phoenix Works – a market-leading provider of green technologies to households, businesses and local authorities, and Tesla Powerwall Certified Installers.

Tesla Powerwall is one of the largest capacity home batteries on the market, offering the best value per kWh of storage capacity – capable of storing 13.5kWh of electricity, with a maximum continuous output of 5kW (meaning it has more capability to cover spikes in household usage than other batteries). It also has one of the highest guarantees of capacity retention over its lifetime: 80% retention overten0 years of unlimited charge cycles.

When coupled with solar panels, the battery can store up excess solar energy generated during the day, and then use it to power the home at night – when the solar panels are no longer generating. This means that the average home would save a significant amount on its energy bills – on some days using as much as 100% self-generated renewable energy.

Tonik’s Chief Product Officer, Steve Springett says, “We’re delighted to be working with Tesla in this way, to be the first energy supplier in the UK to supply and install Powerwalls. It supports our promise to connect our members to new technologies and innovative ways to power their homes.

“The batteries can work alongside any of our current tariffs – though members of ours on off-peak tariffs can also configure their Powerwalls to charge up overnight when energy from the grid is cheaper, using the Tesla App.”

Home battery storage is an integral part of the Tonik Ecosystem and plays a key role in what the award-winning company refers to as “the home of the future” – where people are in control of how they generate, store and ultimately use their energy, as well as reduce their reliance on the grid. To encourage this transition, households who take on both 100% renewable energy and a Tesla Powerwall from Tonik will receive a £15/month reward guaranteed for three years to further amplify savings on energy bills.

Springett explains, “Introducing a home battery has a multitude of benefits, for the wider community as well as for the households installing them – it reduces the strain on the network, particularly at peak times; and it lowers the carbon intensity of the grid by promoting locally generated and consumed energy. We want to empower our members to become part of a greener future and reward them for doing so, which is why we’ve introduced monthly rewards.

“It doesn’t end there though – our data scientists at Tonik HQ will continue to explore more ways to help households get the most out of their batteries over time, such as through tariffs and smart charge scheduling.”

Co-founder of The Phoenix Works, Matt Morgan, believes so strongly in the technology that he installed a Powerwall in his own home. Morgan was part of the initial pilot by Tonik and The Phoenix Works, before they launched Tesla Powerwalls to Tonik members and the public. From May to September 2018, the energy he bought from the grid dropped from 1619kWh to just 18kWh – less than the average UK household draws from the grid over the course of two days.

“Since having the Tesla Powerwall installed, our electricity savings have improved from around 30% to around 80%,” says Matt.

“On sunny days we are able to power our home 100% from our solar and battery system, meaning we don’t buy any electricity from the grid at all. The ability to generate and use our own dedicated renewable electricity gives us a sense of independence and pride that we’re doing our bit to help the shift away from fossil fuels – especially when we know the small amount of grid electricity we do use comes from Tonik and is 100% renewable.”

Since Tonik’s parent company RETIG Ltd acquired The Phoenix Works last year, both companies have been on a joint mission to electrify the UK – and make the transition to sustainable energy and a zero carbon future, easy for everyone. By being able to offer an integrated solar and battery proposition, as well as a battery add on for those already with solar panels, they are going some way to achieve that.

“This is a hugely exciting proposition,” concludes Chris Russell, Managing Director at Tonik. “Tesla are making profound statements about our renewable future, so people and businesses rally round them, and we’re extremely proud to be the first energy supplier to do so in the UK. The dramatically increased demand for renewable energy, electric vehicles and a genuine service offering represents a clear shift in buying behaviours.

“People are looking for the changes they can make to reduce their environmental impact, and – when it comes to home energy consumption – solar panels combined with Tesla Powerwall is one of the biggest positive changes you can make.”