Same old, same old

Andy Munro with a Blue version of Sunday’s derby.

Before the match there were plenty of potential scenarios but I suppose the most disastrous, as usual, occurred. Jack Grealish captained the Villa to victory and in doing so was assaulted by a Tilton Roader and such an incident is hardly like to endear Blues to the EFL and will, no doubt, cost us zillions that we can ill-afford.

Grealish then rubs it in by scoring the winner, which will no doubt widen his ‘boyish smile’. Che Adams is fouled in the area and the referee waves away penalty appeals when it would undoubtedly have been a penalty anywhere else.

Finally Craig Gardner has the chance to put the icing on the cake (his and ours) but misses two chances which were certainly convertable and would have given us a justifiable share of the points. As the saying goes… What’s to like?

Obviously, this takes Villa just above us, hardly a tragedy given where we’ve come from but annoying neveertheless. In fairness, Blues battled away and perhaps the inconsistent Jota apart, everybody put in a decent, if uninspiring shift. It seems a shame to me, however, that they didn’t gamble on bringing on Vassell but maybe Garry Monk thought it might be bad karma given what happened the last time he played against the Villa.

Incidentally, and thankfully, I was in India and well away from the nail-biting stress of the derby and so this report is courtesy of my son and his loan of my season ticket. Either way, a win against those awkward Bushwackers on Wednesday now becomes vital as the EFL Grand Points Takeaway looms ever nearer.