Andy Munro talks about Blues’ nine-point deduction.

So we now know that we’re being docked nine points. That’s not ideal when we’re in the middle of a bad run, despite a great but unrewarded performance away to Preston, then with three very difficult matches around the corner against the top four.

It’s a bit of a mystery why the league has taken so long to come to a decision bearing in mind that the apparent straw that broke the EFL’s financial camel’s back was back in July 2018. Also, at that time, why did the EFL allow us to sign Pedersen knowing that it was a financial crime in their eyes?

Apparently, many Blues fans are quite relieved that it’s only nine points and a clean sheet next season but, for me, six points would have been a real result. I suppose the one good thing is that it keeps the season alive, albeit for the wrong reasons and it will be back to the siege mentality that we are so used to and on something we tend to thrive. In the final analysis, we should hopefully just survive without going down to the last match wire.

Then if Che Adams goes, it must be for a minimum of £20 million up front with add ons for any international appearances. We certainly don’t want to see a footballing car boot sale a la Butland, Redmond and Gray. And then if we get Jota off the wage bill and maybe a £5 million receipt and the greedy goalies in the form of Stockdale and Kuscak end up going as free agents we should be back on a footing that allows some investment to build on a more than decent remaining set of players.

Incidentally, cartoon villain manager Harry Redknapp pleads not guilty to getting us into this mess, on the basis that none of the signings were his. He obviously has no managerial self-respect because what boss worth his salt would allow himself to be dictated to on signings? He should have immediately said, “I’m a Celebrity Manager..Get Me Out of Here!”