Murder on the railways

Exciting new murder mystery on the Severn Valley.

Ever watched Poirot and thought you could do better? Perhaps you always thought the villains were fools and you could devise the perfect crime?

Whatever your persuasion, Rogue Events will put you put your skills to the test in their all-new murder mystery experience. They promise to immerse guests right in the middle of a classic detective story. Differing from other murder mystery experiences, this live action event will drop you into something that resembles a movie set; with props, costumes, set-dressing and an accompanying cast and crew on hand to help.

Set in the golden age of whodunnits, the 1930s, participants will board a vintage steam train on the scenic Severn Valley Heritage Railway to become a passenger on a journey of horrors. Passengers will be expected to dress in the style of the period that befits their character and the organisers will take care of the rest; transporting you to a historical world recently racked by a world war and the great depression.

The characters will all have different roles, goals and sensibilities. Some will be trying to aid the detective in their investigation while others will want to hinder them; whether that be because they’re guilty or an incorrect verdict would be advantageous for them!

The event takes place over an afternoon at the Severn Valley Railway, in Kidderminster. The first experience is planned for Monday 8th April and the organisers plan to launch it via the crowd funding platform Kickstarter on the 1st of March, where hopeful passengers will be able to purchase tickets.

“We’re really excited for this one,” says Cameron Readman, the Creative Director. “The 1930s is an era I’ve always wanted to experiment with and the location is just stunning. I can’t wait!”

This isn’t Rogue Events’ first rodeo; in 2017 they successfully crowdfunded Bothwell School of Witchcraft, a live action wizarding experience that takes place in a real castle. Hopeful attendees will have to be quick on the trigger as they reached their funding goal for the wizarding experience in just four minutes and sold out tickets in under two hours.

The company specialises in immersive experiences and Murder on the 10:16 is just one of their many new events coming out in 2019. Details can be found here