Crumbling to the Biscuitmen

Andy Munro reflects on Blues’ League Cup defeat at Reading.

Perhaps this defeat was predictable, with eleven changes, but to lose by a couple of goals to a side that are bottom of the table can’t be good for club morale.

Obviously if we get three points against the Swans, it will all be worthwhile but that is far from certain. It shows the thinness of the squad and the fact that the latest players we’ve signed are more Primark than Premier League class. It also shows that most of our youngsters, Dacres Cogley, Soloman Otabor and Harding apart, aren’t ready for the rough and tumble of the Championship.

I’ve every respect for Garry Monk and I think generally he’s our best chance managerially of securing survival. It’s a shame, but somewhat predictable to be talking in this way so early into the season. However, no manager gets it completely right all the time and I think it was a mistake to field a massively weakened side. It will be interesting to see how our Championship result compares to Reading’s at the weekend.

Given our paucity of resources the return of Vassell is now starting to assume massive importance. Maybe, we have also been too quick to jettison all the loanees, some of whom undoubtedly have more quality than our current ‘fringe’ players.

Still, it’s not time to press the panic button…yet!