Having your picture taken in Kings Heath

Photographer to tell the stories behind the photos.

April’s Eight O’Clock Rock Chat at Fletcher’s in Kings Heath features celebrity photographer Dave Hogan. ‘Hogie’ will be showing extracts from his fascinating catalogue of iconic rock images, accompanied by the anecdotes and stories behind them.

Bowie trusted him, Jagger, George Michael and Elton John posed for him, Tom Cruise only wanted to be photographed from one side. So how was it that Dave was allowed to take such memorable images? And why was he treated with respect by so many world-famous artists? Bob Geldof said: “Big Dave’s photos tell the story of our time for good or ill. I don’t know anyone who doesn’t respect both his craft and – more importantly – him as a person. He contributed hugely, magnanimously and continually to both Band Aid and Live Aid by using his great skill for the benefit of others. He is a superb photographer.”

There are stories and gossip that only Hogie knows and he’ll be recounting them at Fletcher’s. Find out about the two-way trade off when a celebrity wants media exposure to the point where such coverage can damage their personal lives. And hear Hogie speak about today’s papparazzi photographers, a different breed from his 1980s contemporaries. Prints of some of Hogie’s photographs will be available on the night with the price of your ticket refunded towards the cost of any purchases.

Fletcher’s at the Kitchen Garden Cage, 17 York Road, Kings Heath, April 17th. Tickets`: £12 advance, £14 on the door, or go to the Eight O’Clock Rock Chat’s Facebook page and find a code that will give you 50% off the ticket price.