Anti-bombing protest to be held in city centre

Call for an end to intervention in Syria.

Birmingham Stop the War Coalition is organising a protest rally against the bombing of Syria at 5pm on Tuesday 17th April outside Waterstones, near the entrance to the Bull Ring in the city centre.

Anti-war activist Salma Yacoob and Mohammed Suleman from the British Kashmiri community will be speaking and a number of other figures have been invited to speak, including Joanne Shemmans, Labour candidate for Bartley Green a representative from the Syrian Kurdish community in Birmingham, Wijdan Derki. The protest is being supported by Birmingham TUC.

A spokesman for the group said, “Stop the War Coalition condemns the use of chemical weapons in Syria and other wars. But if there was a chemical attack in Douma it is not clear if it was done by the Assad dictatorship or the Islamist rebels such as Jaysh al-Islam (Army of Islam) who were based in Douma. The UN sponsored OPCW arrived in Douma on Saturday after the pre-emptive attack to investigate the details of the possible attack. Surely it would have been sensible to allow the OPCW to do their work before attacking.

“Only the complete withdrawal of the foreign military fores, Iranian, Russian, American, French and British, can provide the basis of a real peace when only the Syrian people are allowed to decide their future.”