Blues led the Cardiff dance

Andy Munro watches as Blues go down to Cardiff.

According to some pundits, Blues were hustled out of things by Cardiff’s ‘physical’ style. What a shame for the mere six foot-plus Jutkiewicz, Gallagher, Dean, Morrison and Stockdale.

In fairness, however, despite the scoreline, Blues put in a decent shift and, if they had not missed a decent earlier chance when the score was 1-3, who knows? However, time is running out and it now seems that it is any three from four unless somebody has a really good run and drags other clubs into the battle to stay in the Championship.

Undoubtedly Blues look much more likely to score with Monk’s positive approach but the big worry is the defence. An aspect, which on paper should be our strongest asset, but in reality looks leakier than dear ole’ Liza’s bucket.

Certainly, the more agile Kuscak has to come in for a less than impressive Stockdale and Colin has to move to right back to help with our paucity of width going forward. He’s also used to linking with Jota, who is now being allowed his head. However, what we do about the underperforming centre backs is a big concern as they seem to panic or lose concentration at the slightest bit of pressure. This was illustrated by all of Cardiff’s goals where the ball ran across the six yard area without any defensive hinderance.

If we are to stand any chance of survival, Monk and co have to sort it out. It’s not looking good with a rejuvenated Hull City and Abel Hernandez next up.