High five to save a life

Birmingham charity calls on volunteers to help save knife crime victims.

On Saturday 17th February you’re welcome join StreetDoctors – a charity which teaches young people at risk of violence how to perform life-saving first aid – in their first ever digital event #HighFiveToSaveALife.

They want you to post a photo or video of you high fiving someone and post it on social media using the hashtag #HighFiveToSaveALife. You can also donate £5 by texting “SDRS05 £5” to 70070.

This event will help StreetDoctors reach more young people and work towards their aim to end youth violence. With knife crime is on the increase, and 39 children and teenagers killed due to knife-related injuries in 2017, this is more important than ever. Being stabbed can be fatal in five minutes or less if you lose five pints of blood and that’s why StreetDoctors wants you to #HighFiveToSaveALife.

Check out their event on twitter @StreetDoctors Facebook /streetdoctors.org or Instagram StreetDoctors