Terriers kept at bay

Andy Munro watches Blues draw 1-1 at Huddersfield.

While Blues are struggling badly in the league, it might seem that a cup run would be a distraction. However, the other way of looking at it is that nine-tenths of the game of football is about confidence whilst a Cup run also gives the supporters a boost and hands a chance to players to show that they should be in the first XI.

Certainly Messrs Bramall, Jenkinson and Lowe did their chances no harm in a game that we should probably have won despite going a goal down against the run of play. Yet you wouldn’t think so given the pathetic coverage on Match of the Day and the even more pathetic comments. Blues were allocated the sort of time in which Linford Christie could run 100 metres and viewers were told of Huddersfield making seven changes due to a midweek Premier League game without drawing attention to the fact that Blues made a similar number. The commentator also suggested that we were lucky to get the draw when the reality was something different.

As a complete aside, the increasing use of female MotD hosts(not in a Presidents Club sense of course ) is not something I have a problem with but I have to say the high pitched shrieking of female commentators is something that doesn’t sit easily with me…but call me old fashioned…

Anyway, TV apart, it’s nice to be in the draw for rouind five and the performances of the players should give Steve Cotterill the sort of selection problems that every manager likes.

It was interesting to note that Cotterill said in his post match comments that the only disappointment was not giving the youngsters on the bench a run out. However, it was also interesting to note that none of those youngsters were forwards which may say something about the lack of quality in our youth set up. I f there’s one thing that would be a bonus before the transfer window closes , it would be a young, pacey and hungry forward perhaps from non-league – but I’m not holding my breath on that one.