We’re going down with the… (insert any two clubs here )

Andy Munro can finally talk about Blues’ midweek defeat at the hands of Brentford.

To be frank, this performance was the pits, particularly as we were playing a side that cost two and sixpence, having lost supposedly their two key players to us, one of whom was left on the bench – much to the delight of a decent sized Brentford contingent.

It was a bit like Crewe Alexandra against Barcelona as Brentford’s slick football had us chasing shadows. We had a bit of bad luck when a tremendous Kleftenbeld piledriver shook the woodwork and could have scored from a couple of set pieces but to have done so would have been a footballing travesty. The fact that Grounds, Cotterill and Kleftenbeld were the pick of the players probably says something about the performances of the comparative newbies.

As I left the ground, apart from asking myself why I put myself through the currently depressing experience of watching the Blues, here’s a few other questions worth asking “Why…?”

Why have the young talents of Liam Walsh been ignored?

Why is the left footed Jota played wide which exposes his lack of pace when he should be a playmaker in the middle of the park?

Why was Dave Cotterill brought on as wing back when he can’t tackle a fish supper but equally there’s no centre forward to take advantage of his superb crossing ability?

Why can’t players other than Cotterill and Jota practice taking set pieces?

Why does a brilliant shot stopper like Kuscak go into a blind panic whenever the ball is played back to him?

Why is the 6’4″ Sam Gallagher being paid forty grand a week to play on the wing because he’s scared of central defenders?

Why are hamstring injuries down the Blues more common than a cold?

Why can’t we put in two consecutive decent performances ?

And that’s just a few of many questions I’d like answering.