Blades blunted

Andy Munro on Blues’ 1-1 draw at Sheffield United.

Whether this is the dawn of a new era or yet another one of the false variety is open to question, particularly with the Wonder of Wolves up next.

Still, it was still a more than welcome point and could have been three as Blues showed a little more attacking promise than of late. Interestingly, Steve Cotterill risked the ‘too many captains spoil the broth’ syndrome by playing a back three of Deane, Roberts and Morrison but for that to work long term, they’ve got to do something about the full-backs. If ever two weren’t fit for a 3-5-2 purpose, it’s Grounds and Nsue. The former gets a nosebleed when he crosses over the halfway line and can’t beat a man to save his life and the latter thinks he can surge forward without a care in the world and the recognition that the opposition are occasionally fielding something called a ‘winger’.

The better news is that everybody clings to the hope that Ndoye might yet show his French Premier League pedigree and that Kieftenbeld and Davies (when he’s fit) are reliable foot soldiers

However, full-backs apart, it’s the forward area where Blues need to up their game. With Adams suffering the occasional strain, no doubt brought on by the ‘strain’ of being the only forward player with a semblance of pace then hopefully step forward Jeremy Boga to help share the load. If he or we haven’t got a clue what he’s going to do next then neither have the opposition. He scored a great goal against the Blades and his surprise factor is definitely worth a whirl.

Apparently most of our points have been garnered against the top six so here’s hoping against the hungry Wolves – ‘hoping’ being the operative word.