The Cardiff dance

Andy Munro celebrates a Blues win.

Well, it has to be borne in mind that one Swallow doesn’t make a summer, nor in fairness does a sickly Bluebird, but nethertheless it was great to get that new manager bounce.

In fact, the result was never in doubt from the opening stages as Blues showed a measure of commitment, organisation and teamwork not seen since the days of gary Rowett. Playing two lightening quick players up front, bringing together the steel of Kleftenbeld and Davies in midfield, with a defence augmented by Roberts and Grounds was something most Bluenoses would have signed up for in terms of a sensible starting line up.

Roberts didn’t lose a ball in the air while Morrison was back to his peerless best. Grounds was steady (a word not used much recently in respect to the Blues’ defence) whilst the talented Colin was twice the player in his natural right back position.

One player not mentioned in the above is N’Doye who apparently scored a brilliant goal for Senegal but has failed to show a glimmer of talent to date in a blue shirt. However, it is now hat eating time, as played in a marauding forward midfield role he was excellent and maybe Cotts has at last unlocked potential that everybody was beginning to think was just a Redknapp mirage. In fairness, you don’t play in the French Premier division and Senegal’s World Cup team without a semblance of talent.

There was a strong bench which included the £43,000 a week (allegedly) Sam Gallagher but didn’t include the Arsenal loanee Bramall who was involved (allegedly) in a bout of fisticuffs which resulted in Stockdale’s broken hand. In fairness, we haven’t missed Stockdale with Kuscak showing his undoubted pedigree even though his distribution is on the shocking side of shocking.

Anyway, it’s hopefully onwards and upwards from now and with pace up front, steel in midfield and the same at the back, Bluenoses can hopefully look forward to better times.

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