Bigmouth: Howard answers all your worldwide questions


Our mailbags are quite literally bursting with the burning issues of the day. Luckily, Sir Howard is at hand

Sue from London asks:

How is it possible for Burmese leader Aug San Suu Kyi NOT to know why hundreds of thousands of Moslems have fled Myanmar when their villages have been burnt and their people slaughtered by the thugs in the military?

A picture of lovely downtown Burma

Dr Howard Elston (DOA) responds: Many patients have asked me about ‘moral authority’ and the inability to tell the truth. It can happen to anyone- especially to political leaders with no real power, a Nobel Prize or two tucked under their arms and living in a fascist state.

I always prescribe a quick dose of honesty sprayed with a scintilla of the BBC to bottom out such pressing problems. And then a week of bed rest on a houseboat in lovely Seattle drinking coffee. 

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