White Lies

Lord High Imperial leader Trump


Sir Howie Elston dons his white hood and interviews Prez Don Trump.


SIR HOWARD ELSTON: Lord Grand High Imperial Wizard Leader Trump, I accept your entreaty to sit down with you, O mighty Chief. 

PREZ TRUMP: Kneel down near that pile of defensive semi automatics and quick-fire burning crosses and have a peanut butter and banana sandwich.

SHE: High Imperial Wizard, why didn’t you criticise the white supremists, KKK and Nazis, ASAP?

PREZ: It is an Americzn principle to allow all fascists the right to bear arms, spew poison and hate everyone and I feel, for my friends in the KKK especially, they are bullied as they exercise their right to protest with their DC Comics warshields and their Stormtrooper helmets. I love these 48 states and….

(Sir Howard’s agent stopped this interview at this point and pointed out to Howie that no piece of satire could outdo the daily events in Trump’s life. His client quickly exited the room and left his Visitor’s white hood at the front desk)

2 thoughts on “White Lies

  1. Haha….watched latest Colin Quinn gig last night on Netflix on same theme….”Unconstitutional”……fine take off of the US Constitution and how it suits ALL causes…..in 4 pages….

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