Howard shocker: Trump/Putin secret tapes



Sir Howard reveals what Putin and Trumpie will talk about later this week over peanut butter sandwiches and straight up borscht cocktails.


Vlad Putin: Donaldovich, my old comrade, sit down and let’s talk over old times.

Donald Trump: Like it’s so good, so’s life?

VP: Still hassling with ugly democratic protestors.

DT: Me too.

VP: And hassling with the bombing in Syria.

DT: Ditto, me old chum.

VT: And stepping down hard on a free media that spreads lies.

DT: Yup…on to foreign policy…you okay on invading neighbouring Ukraine?

VT:  Yeah, sure. You okay on building that wall?  

DT:  Yeah, sure.

VT:  How about those gays?

DT: Well, ’nuff said, comradeski

VT: Talk later about the billions you owe me…?

DT: Just read my emails…

VT: We do anyway. Another avacodo blini?



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