Award-winning charity asks for unused computer equipment

Rebecca Moore from charity Computers 4 Africa with a special plea to empty your spare room.

What do you keep just in case? Is it a safe little black dress that you wear when you are feeling no-so-slim, is it those bits of wood in the shed which are sure to come in handy someday, or is it an old PC or laptop?

Unfortunately a computer, unlike the others has a sell by date. Whilst there will always be someone in need of wood or a lovely black dress, the computer industry is constantly moving forward with faster processor speeds, better graphics and larger memories. Your old IT can quickly become useless. With an average 3-4 year cycle of computers huge numbers of computers are being discarded yearly, but what happens to them?

Recycling is one option as councils have contracts with recyclers who separate the computers to their basic components, another option would be to make the cupboard its new home.

Computers 4 Africa suggest the better option would be to donate it to a trusted reuse organisation as soon as it is no longer needed. SO …Think Reuse and Repurpose B4 you Recycle and visit our donation appeal:

Where: Unit 1 Apex Retail Park, Upper Conybere Street, Birmingham B12 0EB
When: Wednesday 9th August 10am-5pm & Thursday 10th August 9am-4pm

Computers 4 Africa is a Microsoft Registered Refurbisher who refurbish, securely data wipe and ship your old IT to schools and selected projects across Africa. But remember, equipment less than eight years old and in working condition. Your ‘just in case’ bits can really make a difference in someone’s life as this month 340,800 children in Africa are using a PC supplied by Computers 4 Africa.