CBSO Spring Classics: “..a basket of favourites…”

Richard Lutz takes his pew for a Friday night that heralds a new season.

There is a warmth in the air, colour in the woods and streets. It’s spring. And to greet this turning of weather, the CBSO performed a wide range of classics that pays homage to the change.

Conducted by Juilan Wilkins and accompanied by the CBSO Children’s Chorus, the Symphony Hall programme contained an audience pleasing basket of favourites. From Vaughan William’s buzzy rendition of The Wasps to Vivaldi’s unmissable Four Seasons, there was something for everyone. But the CBSO really came alive with vernal beauty with a handful of Aaron Copland compositions; the second movement of Appalachian Spring and the choir’s take on the merry song Simple Gift comes to mind.

To add a lightness of touch, the CBSO (and chorus) added Percy Grainger’s jolly Country Gardens. Beethoven, Delius and Britten were in attendance and, to end the evening, Wilkins and crew bowed out with Tchaikovsky’s Waltz of the Flowers from The Nutcracker Suite. Inside Symphony Hall, a breath of warmth and April’s hopes. Outside though, still a reminder of March’s winds and rain.